World-class academic and industry experience in multi-disciplinary studies of complex systems in different areas of science, business, and technology makes our group one of the leaders in providing solutions for the most challenging quantitative problems. Our approach is based on optimal combination of cutting-edge quantitative methods, realistic multi-scale simulations, and wide range of computational intelligence techniques.

Ability of discovering practical solutions for complex real-life problems is supported by our expertise in such different fields as plasma and space physics, nonlinear dynamics, quantitative finance, econometrics, and econophysics, expert systems and business intelligence, machine learning and computer vision, computational intelligence in biomedical applications and sport industry, and continuous multi-disciplinary research and development efforts.

The key advantage of such multi-disciplinary approach is ability to apply generic methods established in one field to similar problems in other fields. In many cases, such innovative approach could lead to solutions of challenging practical problems that are hard to address by traditional methods of the considered field. In turn, the specifics of the new application scope could lead to further improvements and generalizations of the original quantitative method or algorithm.

Collection of important practical results of our active multi-disciplinary research constantly increases. Some of our solutions for particular applications can be evaluated and used by our clients online on 24/7 basis. Solution sets for biomedical, financial, professional sport, business intelligence, and other applications is constantly improving and expanded by our research and development efforts.


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